Richard Berry started Berry Pallets in 1989 while working with Cargill. He recognized the opportunity in recycling pallets instead of simply disposing of them. He found there was a demand for a cost effective alternative to buying new pallets. Since that time, Berry Pallets has grown into a regional pallet manufacturer, serving south central and south west Minnesota, know for their quality reliability, long term customer relationships and industry reputation.

Berry Pallets takes great pride in their food grade and kiln dried pallets. Focused on customer specification requirements and a solutions approach to developing a pallet program that is designed to be cost effective and dependable. Berry Pallets has become the go-to pallet expert for some of the region’s largest manufactures.

They have implemented efficiency measures, from how they purchase wood to utilization, build-to-order, and Just In Time delivery. This minimizes inventory and scrap allowing Berry Pallets to deliver the best value in product and price to their customers.


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