stringer-pallets-500x500 The stringer pallet is the most commonly used pallet in the United States. Stringer Pallets can be made to any size to match your specific needs. Depending on the application, there are partial 4-way entry pallets and 2-way entry pallets, referring to the sides you enter it from with a forklift.

The most common size stringer pallet produced nationally is the 48” X 40”, often called a “GMA”, “48 x 40 GMA” or even “Warehouse Pallet”. These pallets are constructed in accordance with the guidelines drafted by Grocery Manufacturers of America.


kiln dried pallets

If you ship your products outside the US, the pallets you use will be required to comply with the International Phytosanitary Measure known as ISPM 15. Compliance involves “Heat Treating” pallets to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of quarantined pests.  Berry Pallets provides on-site heat treatment and every pallet is stamped with Berry Pallets specific ISPM 15 stamp for verification.

Kiln driedKiln dried wood is used when there is a specification for no mold or when moisture content is specified.

iStock_000010497549_MediumBlock pallets are capable of full four-way entry: compatible with forklifts, hand trucks and pallet jacks in all directions. Block pallets are manufactured to ensure consistent quality and structural integrity.

PalletsChoosing wooden pallets has been shown to be the “Green Choice”.  A properly constructed wood pallet has a useful life far beyond its initial trip. Many pallets are used many times, repaired, and used again many times. Combo pallets are made from new and recycled wood to provide a cost effective alternative when specifications allow.